Fast Finger free recharge Card on

Fast Finger free recharge Card on






533 4071 3002 3447

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New Cheap Glo Data plans

New Cheap Glo Data plans

Subscribe for 3.2 GB data for 1000 naira with
* 127*53#
Subscribe for 7.5 GB data for 2000 naira with
* 127*55#
Subscribe for 10 GB data for 2500 naira with
* 127*58#
Subscribe for 12 GB data for 3000 naira with
* 127*54#
Subscribe or just dail * 777# and follow prompt

Mtn 4G Finally Available in Nigeria Check Code To Activate

Mtn 4G Finally Available in Nigeria Check Code To Activate

MTN NG makes their 4G LTE service available for all states in Nigeria. Following the acquisition ofVisafone by MTN earlier in 2016, they have launched their 4G network and makes 4G data plans available for Nigerians while some of the users are already enjoying it.

MTN 4G LTE only available in selected states before, it is now available in all states. To use MTN 4G data plan, you must be using a compatible phone and must have swapped your sim for MTN 4G sim card from any MTN office nearest to you before you can be part of MTN 4G evolution.

To make things simple, MTN Nigeria makes available a short message code that can be easily used to confirm if your smartphone is compatible. If compatible, you can then go to a nearest MTN office and swapped your sim for MTN 4G sim card.

To Check if Your Smartphone is Compatible with MTN 4G Service

Your phone must be 4G enabled. If not, don't bother.

Simply text 4G to 131.If your smartphone is compatible, you will receive a message that; Yello! Your device is 4G ready but you need to upgrade your SIM to enjoy MTN 4G LTE. Please visit the nearest MTN store or partner retailer for a sim swap now.If your phone is not compatible, you will receive a message that; Yello! You need to upgrade your SIM card and device to enjoy MTN 4G LTE. Please visit the nearest MTN store or partner retailer to upgrade now.If your Smartphone is compatible, visit the nearest MTN office and swapped your sim for MTN 4G sim card.

MTN 4G Data Plans and How to Subscribe

If you have confirmed your smartphone that it's compatible with MTN 4G network and you have swapped to MTN 4G compatible sim.
Dial *444# to check and choose MTN 4G data plan suitable for you. Below are some of their available data plans.
100MB for N500 (Valid for 7 days).
150MB for N499 (Valid for 24 hours).
200MB for N1000 (Valid for 30 days).
Unlimited data for N36,999 (Valid for 30 days).
42GB for N66499 (Valid for 12 Months).
10GB for N6000 (Valid for 30 days).
15GB for N10,000 (Valid for 30 days)

How To Send Applications For On Whatsapp

How To Send Applications For On Whatsapp

First You would need to Have the apk file of What you want to send to the other person
  Second, go to your file manager, look for the file, press hold the file, click on rename
Third, you would see something like .apk
     Put .txt after the .apk

Fourth, Go to your whatsapp, Click on the contact You want to send it to
Click Send document
Locate the file you just made amendments to

Fifth, Send.........

Sixth, The receiver would download the app, go to File manager, Locate the File received
   Press hold the file, click rename,   delete  the .txt  infront of the .apk  leaving only the filename.apk
Click done


That's all
  Simple Right

Kelvin Alexander

How to Print Documents, Pictures, Files & Others from Android/Tablet Devices

How to Print Documents, Pictures, Files & Others from Android/Tablet Devices

Smartphones and Tablets are often viewed as media consumption devices,sometimesyou may want to print out movie tickets, boarding passes, scan/documents, pictures or whatever.
Android doesn't have the native printing functionality builtintothecore operating system, but a Google app and a connected printer willletyou print photos, Google Drive files and almost anything via the Chrome browser.It uses a free service from Google called "Cloud Print".
  You'll need a Google accountand a separate PC with aChrome browserand an attachedprinter. You'll also need a free app for your Android device.

  First, configure the PC that has a printer attached*.Open the Chrome browser installed on your PC.*.If not already signed in, sign in to your Google account by clicking the menu button in the far-right upper corner and then select "Sign in with Google."*.
After signing in, return to the Chrome menu page and click "Settings".*.At the bottom of the Settings page, click "Show advanced settings".

    *.Scroll down to the section "Google Cloud Print" and click the button "Add printers".

*.A confirmation page will open. Click "Add printer(s)". Internet-enabled printers will not need this step.*.A Cloud Print web page will open where you can make further configurations of your printers, if desired.*.The Google Cloud Print section of the Chrome Advanced Settings pagewillnow have two buttons, "Disconnect printers" and "Manage printers".
         Next, set up the Android device that you want to print from
1.Download and install cloud Print app from Google PlayStore.
2.Open the Cloud Print app and it should automatically add your Google account, otherwise sign in to Cloud Print with your Google account..
3.Click Print at the top of the Cloud Print app, then select Google Drive or Gallery.
4.Print from a Web page by clicking settings within Chrome, then Share > Cloud Print.
5.Select an image or file you'd like to print, and click the print button once more.
6.Select your printer from the list and your file will be waiting for your printer in no time.
      You should now be able to print from any apps that allow sharing. The PC and/or the printer do not have to be on when you want to sendaprintcommand. The print job will be queued at Google Cloud Print untilyouturn the PC and printer on. You can check what print jobs arewaitingby clicking the Chrome "Manage printers" If you do not want your printer to always be connected to the Internet, simply click the "Disconnect printers".

Kelvin Alexander

New Settings for Faster And more Stable Connection On Glo

New Settings for Faster And more Stable Connection On Glo

Before we go on, i will like to reveal some important things you should know and the requirements

so that you won't be confused after tweaking.

1. Make sure your airtime balance is N0.00kb

2. You need a stable Glo 3G network

3. Download the Applygist psiphon pro app from the link below

Remember that you must be on Glo Pay As You Go (PAYU) plan, if you are not yet on the plan, kindly text PAYU to 127.

Once you have received a reply that "you are using data Pay As You Go to browse.
APN Settings

✔ Name: Applygist
✔ APN: glounlimitedzone or glosecure

✔ APN Type: Tick Default & Supl

✔ Proxy: leave it blank
✔ Port: leave it blank
Applygist psiphon pro Or sypon sheild SETTINGS FOR GLO 0.00 CHEAT

Launch Applygist psiphon pro, in the handler menu, set it up as below

✔ Filter: @
✔ Add Port or non-Port URL: 9201
✔ Tick Remove Port
✔ Proxy Type: Real Host
✔ Proxy Server:

✔ Real Proxy Server Type: Inject or Socks
✔ Real Proxy Server:

✔ Port: 8080
After that, select save and click on "tunnel whole device".

✔ Click on the option tab

✔ Region: select, United States or any other server

✔ Don't tick connect through HTTP Proxy
Then wait for few seconds for it to Connect.

Within few seconds, it will connect and you should be able to browse and download as you like.

This Glo 0.00kb is unlimited and has been around for some months now via other VPN apps.

Happy Browsing 😊

Big Move!! Google Set To Buy Twitter Soon

Big Move!! Google Set To Buy Twitter Soon

Following several reports that Twitter is on the brink of being sold, the company's stocks increased up to 21 percent on Friday.

   According to CNBC, potential buyers like Salesforce, Google, Verizon and other top tech companies are interested in the data that is generated by the company's active users.So far, this year has been a turbulent one for Twitter with 30 percent drop in stocks.
Experts observed that it is due to a decline in user growth and weak ad revenue in the last two years. Most advertisers now prefer Facebook and a great number of people find it difficult to use Twitter.
   Some industry analysts observed that Salesforce will be the best fit if it eventually acquires the company. Even though Google or Salesforce is yet to release any official statement upto this moment, Salesforce's chief digital evangelist, Vala Afshar made known his opinion about Twitter in a tweet.
         Read his Tweet below:-

   The company has been struggling to meet up with newer social media sites since Jack Dorsey became the CEO two years ago.
In a recent move, social videos were introduced as a result of deals like the National Football League games on Thursday nights which has a slight positive effect to its previous state.
The oncoming general election debates are set to be live-streamed on Twitter. There are speculations that the acquisition deal could be finalized before the year runs to an end.

Kelvin Alexander

Etisalat New 0.0 settings

Etisalat New 0.0 settings

Let's get started use your normal etisalat default settings

Lunch your psiphon app and use the settings below
  >>  Proxy type :  Real Host
  >>  Proxy  Server

>>   Real Proxy Type : inject

Then click on save.
Next step go to  options>more options  and untick connect through HTTP

And then finally go back and connect
   The daily Bandwidth is 60-100mb

Kelvin Alexander