10 Amazing things you did not know you can do with Google www.applygist.com

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  1.   Searching for "tilt" or "askew" will...yep, tilt the page

2.   Ask Google to "define anagram" See what you get

3.  And yes, a search for "anagram" brings up..."nag a ram." (don't bother rams!)

4.  A search for "do a barrel roll" or "Z or R twice" will spin the page

5. Want to recursively run searches for recursion? Search for "recursion."

6. Searching for "zerg rush" creates a search page being eaten by 'O's. Click each O three times to kill it. GO AHEAD...WE'LL WAIT.

7.  Want to build stuff? Check out "Build with Chrome" I KNOW RIGHT?

8. Google Translate has a manual feature that allows you to draw characters and symbols.

9.   Clicking the microphone icon in Google search will allow you to speak your searches and commands. Say, "make me a sandwich" and you might get sassed.

10.Search ing for "google in 1998" gives you a retro version (without the flannel and grungy millennial angst).

 Thais all for now now. This Amazing Things you can do with Google was culled from http://aplus.com/a/21-tricks-with-google Visit the site to see 21 the complete 21 things you can do with Google.

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