Airtel Opera Mini Webpass , No tweaking no Psiphone or SAS, VPN or Proxy Browser

This is how to  browse Everyday with Opera Mini with 00.00 in my Account

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can i browse free with Opera?? this are questions people ask tech bloggers. My answer is Yes. and you dont have to download any Tweaking machine, like Sinple Server tweak, Psiphon Tweaking and working proxy browsers.

To browse free with Opera Mini, 
1. log on to your Opera
2. On the address bar of opera browser. type the following

3.  Just wait for some time it will open a page with a list of webpas..... Note that it works mostly for airtel
4. Now just like in the images bellow, you will see many  webpass. look for the one that is free and click on it
5. activaate and enjoy free browsing.
Note: you cannot download files heavier than 15mb, and some sites are restricted so watch out!!!

You are likely to exhaust your pass before the day runs out No Worries. if you Exhaust your free web-pass, just follow procedure 1. and activate another one.  
Ebola Pass is always available Use it too... open the Ebola pass, activate it then open another Tab, type in (example) , and start browsing free. If the Ebola pass is proving stubborn just start check some of the ebola pages and the network will buffer you mb to continue browising

This is an Absolute SureTweach From our Table. we hope you say thank you on the comment Box Or ask Questions on any free Browsing Or Tweaking or Open VPN Simple Server Tweaks, Psiphon settings. We would be glad helping you enjoy an Open Web which is our Motto...... "

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