How to block hackers Spying your Android Wi-fi A must read guide

Is someone spying your device, Send that person off forever before the intruder steals personal details about you


With the growing wave of Wi-Fi globally, it’s very important you take precaution
against Hackers. This sure tweak is a sure one to block them.

Any time you downloaded the application online, take your time to open it,
and on the Home screen you will see the name of your network, which come along
with the Refresh and Settings buttons.

If you want to see the devices connected to your wireless network, click on the
Refresh button. Now you will see a
list of devices, with an indicator telling you whether it is a smart phone
or computer.

Click on any device on your network
to bring up a list of options for interacting with that device. These include
sending pings, Wake on LAN signals, or even logging when those devices connect
and disconnect from the network.

How do I block Wi-Fi Hackers away
from my Device?

Good question. Are you suspecting a strange device on your network, the next
step is to fling it off your device before fight will turn to quarrel. The
image bellow shows you the MAC address of each device connected to your own
network   it will look like this
numbers and letters- 'xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx'). Just keep this numbers on mind


Follow these steps carefully

  1. On  your
    computer that connected to your router, enter your router IP into the
    browser, then on the next page enter your router login details (a list
    of default router passwords can be found here)
  2. Once logged into your router, find the Security
    options (its location varies between different routers). These could be located
    under Advance Settings.
  3. In Security, click Mac Filtering, then Add
  4. Enter the MAC address of the device in the MAC
    field, give it a name if there is such an option, then click Apply, Save
    or OK.
  5. Once you're logged into your router, it might also
    be worth changing your Wi-Fi password, seeing as your last one might have
    been compromised.
Now keep
enjoying Proved Suretweaks for your Tech Solutions

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