4 Steps on How To Browse Netflix Hidden Genres Using Secret Codes

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Netflix has become one of the largest platforms for videos and movie streaming.
Follow one easy trick for easier Netflix catalogue browsing.
How To Browse Netflix Hidden Genres Using Secret Codes

Follow all the instruction state below in order to browse Netflix
Hidden Genres Using secret codes.
*.When you open Netflix in your internet browser, you will notice that the URL www.applygist.com
includes a code at the end of it. This code varies depending on the
category being browsed. You can make use of this code to find
*.Simply change the code and you will have access to the
subcategories that are otherwise hidden and not readily available in
the usual Netflix browsing Menu.
*.So, simple four digit code
combination can actually help you discover a lot of content.
*.However, if you do not want to waste much time guessing the codes, and remember
some of the codes you enter might not be accessible depending on your
region, you can look for website that are dedicated to this specific
*.You can find codes on platform likeGoogle Spreadsheet.

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