7 steps How to setup WiFi hotspot on PC

This is how create WiFi hotspot without the use of any software like connectify and or Internet tethering

 Step1. Right click on the your PC start menu (located at the left hand bottomarea of your desktop). Step 2. Locate command prompt (admin). It will request for 'privilege right', grant It access by clicking YES.

Step 3. Copy and paste this word exactly.'netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=Omeiza key=1234567890' press Enter on keyboard

Step 4. You'd see Hosted network set to allow.'Then copy and paste; 'netsh wlan start hostednetwork' Press enter. Its gives a reply as 'Hosted network started.

Step 6: That's it. Your hotspot done start. NB: Change 1234567890 to your personal password this is for you alone to prevent external users (Your key must be ABOVE EIGHT or 8 letter words)

Step 7 With this, you can connect your phone(s) to ur PC, browse and download unlimitedly with the good and flexible cheats from thus blog That us all enjoy your PC Hotspot share our post and give your testimony or complains

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