Etisalat free browsing cheat 2016

100% FREE Browsing for 2016 For all Etisalat Lines Jut follow this Settings Bellow


Set your Phone Default internet as 

APN: Etisalat
Leave every other thing empty and save as ur default APN
Lunch your Psiphon Handler and impute the following settings 
Psiphon settings
Tick on  remove port
Proxy Type:     Real host
Proxy Server:
Real Proxy Type: Inject
Real proxy server: empty
Real proxy port:  80

Now Goto options
Region:   Select  United States for best performance
Then Click on More options: don't tick anything (no IP, no port)
make sure that section is Blank

Now return to Menu and Click Connect. 

Sit Relax it may take 5 minutes but be Patient when it connects you in for Good.
Screen shot Bellow  

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    1. Hust use the normal in simple server

  2. also see how to get free 4gb on etisalat with N0.00

  3. This has stop working and kudus to the admin. More latest tweaks visit home of free browsing tweaks


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