How to Flash Stock Lollipop Firmware, ROM Flashing for Samsung Galaxy, Android Odin3 v3.10

Samsung Odin is the ROM Flashing tool for SAMSUNG Android Smart phone and tablets devices. 

Including Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy S4 S6 S7 etc 

We keep the Latest Version Updated on this site.

Note: The versions Bellow will help cater for all your Needs. If you Use PC or Android Just pick which of the one bellow that best fits your taste.

Warning: Using ODIN can change your bootloader to show that the system is MODIFIED and may increase your ODIN flash count. This may void your Warrenty.

Advisable to watch this Video: OPTIONAL THOUGH

First lets take a look at the different sections in Odin where we can insert files and what these sections represent:
PIT This is for .Pit files you will only need to use this if a firmware update needs to change your partition layout (very very unlikely) or if you mess up you partition table (you don’t want to do this) . You will probably never have to use this so just leave it alone unless you I say you need to do it or you know what you are doing.
Bootloader This is for a new bootloader, however I have never heard of this being used or ever had to use it myself so again leave this section alone
PDA This is the file where the software is actually contained and its name refers to the version of the software.
PHONE This is for the file that contains the modem.
CSC This stands for consumer software customization this file relates to specific carrier and geographical software, such as APN settings for data connection. This has nothing to do with the languages the firmware or keyboard support.

Download the software Bellow  

Odin 3.10.7

Odin 3.10

Samsung Odin 3.09

Download Odin Multi Downloader v4.44

Mobile ODIN Lite 4 Download


Mobile Odin for Samsung

Samsung Odin system Requirements - download latest Odin

  • Computer with Windows OS
  • ADB & FASTBOOT TOOLS for your device
  • Android USB cable to connect android phone to the computer
Important things with Samsung Odin! Read me!
  • Warning! Please find the right Tutorial before you starting the flashing
  • Do not forget to Backup your phone.
  • Download the correct and latest Odin versions
  • Install the Latest Samsung USB Driver
  • Download and confirm Custom ROM with your device.
  • Keep in mind that , Most of Samsung phones are different and each one requires various procedures to rooting & flashing with custom ROMs
Samsung phone flashing ,Rooting FAQs and Troubleshooting
Odin compatible ROM flash-able files have [.tar] file extension. Therefore most Odin compatible ROMs are from Samsung Official or leaked ROMS ,OTA updates. Odin Download will not work with [.zip] file extension. Some Custom ROMs have [.tar] extension [eg CF-Root kernels], You can use those ROMS to Flash Samsung Phone by Odin.


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  1. This easy to understand but I need help too cause I want to change tecno H6 from 4.4 to 6.0

    1. ok we work on that one of our admins are doing so

  2. I try this stuff but my phone crash

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