How To Make Your BBLiteD And Simple Server Cheat Power All Your System Apps

Simple Server PC users How to make your browsing cheat power all apps

Follow my below procedures:

  Step 1. You have to connect your system to the internet either through your phone hotspot or a modem (or whatever means you connect your mtn bis plan to system with)

Step 2: then go to your "network and sharing center"

Step 3: Click on internet options (its usually by the bottom left corner of the screen)
Step 4: After clicking on it, a pop-up menu will display, then click on connections tab

Step 5: You will see "LAN SETTINGS" now click on it

Step 6: A new pop-up menu will display, You will see proxy server there, click on "use proxy server for LAN." Then in the address bar input and also port: 8080

After following the above procedures successfully, your system apps will now be connected to simple server.

NOTE: Don't forget to un-tick the Lan settings, just in-case you want to use other network to browse..

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