openvpn android setup BBLITED

Hello Applygist readers , am quickly going to review Open Vpn free browsing and provide the settings for you


Now!It's just as easy as before.
You just have to download the VPN
Configuration files, Download the open VPN app for Android or the software
Package for PC and you're done.

To use openvpn on your Smartphone, just follow the steps below.

 OpenVPN BbLited Configuration on Android.
First Step: you need to Extract the
Configuration files using winzip or Es file explorer.

Second Step: Installing OpenVpn
on your Device, Click Menu > Import > Locate the downloaded
Third Step: Click Menu again and Select ADD PROXY. Proxy Hostname or
IP Adress: Proxy Port: 8080 Click Save..

To Import Config on PC.

Step 1> Do the same for your pc, Extract the file and Copy the configs
Navigate to C:Program Files (x86) Open VPN config and Paste the config
Step 2: Run OpenVPN as an Administrator and Right Click .

Step 3: Click settings and Under Proxy-TapTick Manual Proxy and also Tick HTTP Proxy.
Type this in the adress box: Port: 8080 and click OK you should be able to resume free browsing and downloading now with BbLited

  Download links for Open VPN  BbLited Config Files

Download Openvpn for android

Download Openvpn for PCh ttps://

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