syphon shield vpn for free browsing 2016

 The best Free Browsing Alternative 2016 is here SYPHONESHIELD VPN

Tweakers, Free Browsing here again if you been having problems with your Psiphon VPN apps, you can try this new Synphonshield handler VPN Android app. It works like the Psiphon Pro Lite handler but with some advanced interface and more options unlike the previous Synphonshied101.

Advantages of Using SYPHONSHIELD VPN?

> If you are having difficulties with your normal Psiphon and other versions of Psiphon in your phone, just try Synphonshied as there is no harm in trying.

> Synphonshield is light just like Psiphon Pro Lite handler therefore it consumes less of your phone memory. It also doesn't make your phone lag like other versions.


1. More new regions (countries) are added
2. Is now have entirely new User Interface and blue background
3. It now have More Options Settings

4. Synphonshied connects very fast like in Psiphon Lite ( not applicable to Etisalat 0.00 cheat)
5. It supports all browsing cheats including MTN BBLITED, blast, music plus, Etisalat socialme and 0.00
6. It stablizes most disconnecting IP
7. Sometimes it remain connected after receiving a call. (Happens most on rooted phones)
8. Fast browsing experience with Syphonshield
9. New beautiful icon added

This Synphonshied  Remedies your free browsing problems like constant disconnection and no connection at all. I have not tested it with edge network to see if it will work because we all know that Psiphon doesn't connect with edge network signal except 3g or 4g

 HOW TO DOWNLOAD Syphon Shield v3.1.3 HandlerUI Apk app?

Download Syphonshield version 3.1.3 handler here

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  1. I try it but it work hardly, what i meant is that it does not connect when i on d connection but like 1 or more hours it will work but when I disconnect it again I will go d same stress again why Nd i did d setting accordly d way u said it

  2. I allready downloaded but ist not opening the apk

  3. Yeah, where are the settings???? This is no help at all, just like most other bullshitters

  4. Lolololol. Fake


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