6 Secrets behind "The Children's Book Test" by Mark Zuckerberg

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All About Mark Zuckerberg's Children Book Test
 In a bid to advance into the Tech World of Programming 

Can we teach AI to read Alice in Wonderland?
Our artificial intelligence team has done research where they've trained a computer to predict missing words in children’s stories  something called "The Children's Book Test".
Language is one of the most complex things for computers to understand. Guessing how to complete a sentence is pretty easy for people but much more difficult for machines

Historically, computers have been able to predict simple words like "on" or "at" and verbs like "run" or "eat", but they don’t do as well at predicting nouns like "ball", "table" or people's names.
For this research, our team taught the computer to look at the context of a sentence and much more accurately predict those more difficult words nouns and names -- which are often the most important parts of sentences. 

The computer's predictions were most accurate when it looked at just the right amount of context around relevant words -- not too much and not too little. We call this "The Goldilocks Principle".
We still have a long way to go before machines can understand language the way people do, but this research takes us closer to building helpful services like M, our digital assistant in Messenger.
We've shared the data from these experiments with the AI community so we can all make progress towards the future together.  

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