Cracked Premium Simple Android 4.0.0. and free browsing Settings

How to Download Cracked Premium Version of Simple Android 4.0.0. and free browsing Settings with BBLITED



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I have Always Boasted about MTN to be the best Network when it comes to free Browsing. Personally i use BBLITED Monthly for my Blogging time Online so that i can keep you all posted on the Amazing free browsing cheats 

Few days back, an update version of SAS Premium was released, which is version 4.0.0, now the cracked version of this new v4.0.0 is available. It
is time to flex with Premium Simple Android Server v4.0.0 for free!  But n
ow you can use SAS cracked version to get
access to SAS Premium Service without paying a dine and no irritating
ads or speed throttling.

Simple Android Server v4.0.0 Cracked Version Bellow

Simple Android Server V4.0.0 Configuration With MTN BBlite, BBmidid or Music Plus 

BBLited Subscription Plans
  • For Daily plan, dial *216*3*1# Cost N70 (Bblited)
  • For Weekly plan, dial *216*3*2# Cost N350 (Bblitew) 
  • For Monthly plan, dial *216*3*3# Cost N1000 (Bblitem)


Installation Guidelines

1.     Open your Simple Android Server v4.0.0
2.      Click Set Connection Mode and select VPN
3.     Click Connection Settings, tick Enable Proxy and in Proxy Host and Port, input and 8080
4.     Also, tick Enable Header Tweaking
5.     In Tweak Type, select Host Replacement
6.     In Injection Host input or, for music plus it will be
7.     In the VPN Settings, don't touch anything there, unless you want to connect your hotspot
8.     In Local Server Settings, remember that you have already chose VPN, so you have nothing to tamper in Local Server Setting. 

1.     Simple Android Server no longer required the use of and 8080 in system network settings
2.     The setting work with or without Ip and Port.
3.     Also, you don't need Autoproxy or ProxyDroid To power all your apps!
4.   Also, you don't need Autoproxy or ProxyDroid To power all your apps!

Best performance settings

1.     Uninstall the previous version, before you install this new Simple Android 
2.     Configure This Server as we have Explained Bove without ticking or inputting any other thing.

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