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Latest Google Play Store

Download the latest Google Playstore . GOOGLE PLAY STORE have over 450,000 apps, millions of songs books and thousands of movies, Google Play has something for everyone.

 New Features to look fourth to 
  1. Family Sharing And Gifting
  2. Option To Easily Add NFC-Enabled Credit Cards
  3. You can now copy changelogs and descriptions.
  4. New UI
  5. Use Google LVL protected apps.
  6. Offline verification
  7. New lucky patcher patching not needed any more
  8. Can not download paid apps for free directly
  9. Disable self updating
  10. Billing and License Verification to Proxy does not work
  11. Refund button reworked
  12. Bug Fixed
How to instal this version
  1. Using Patched Google Play Store apk
  2. Using Installer(recommended)
  3. Using Xposed Installer: (For lollipop users as well)

Download Here

Google Play Store v6.2.10A.apk

Google Play store Patched v6.2.10A. 
<a href="">Google Play Store v6.2.10.A _ed(Original Resources… - 14.0 MB</a>

Google Play Store Installer v6.1.12.apk

 <a href="">Google Play Store v6.2.10.A _ed(Original Resources… - 14.0 MB</a>

 Google Play Store Black MODV6.0.5

How to Install  Using Patched Google Play Store apk
  1. Install latest Lucky Patcher
  2. Run Lucky Patcher > Menu > Select ‘Patch to Android’
  3. Select √ ‘Signature Verify always True’ and ‘Disable Zip Signature Verify’ > Apply > Yes
  4. After reboot go to ‘Patch to Android’ and check (Patch applied). If applied exit from Lucky patcher. otherwise do 3rd step again.
  5. Backup current Google play with Titanium backup if you want to restore original version in case.
  6. Rename downloaded ‘Google Patched apk and transfer to sd card. For GingerBread users > rename to ‘Vending.apk’ For ICS / Jelly Bean users > rename to ‘PhoneSky.apk’
  7. Open Root Explorer and copy/replace renamed apk to ‘/system/app/’ folder
  8. Set permissions rw-r–r– and Reboot
  9. Done. All Apps on Device with LVL is licensed. (Tested on GoldenDict, PowerAmp and other)
 Recomended Install Method
Install, Run and Reboot


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