download Simple Server PC with settings for MTN Game 150mb free browsing

All you need to know about using mtn game 150 mb on PC



Download the Already Configured Simple Server for MTN GAME 150 MB FREE BROWSING

How to setup MTN Game Plan on Windows PC

1.       Firstly, download the already configured simple server  FOR PC

2.       After that, make sure your modem is using the default MTN access point which is “”. Or you can use your Android Hotspot by setting your phone Proxy server to Port 8080

3.       Now, go to your browser and make sure the proxy address is set at “” and port at “8080

4.       Once you’ve configured your browser, simply connect your modem… double click on the simpleserver.exe and start surfing.
Make sure you dont have Any Anti Virus Running this will eat up your Simple Server at once 

That’s it on how to activate the MTN Game plan to get free 150MB data. You can check data balance by dialing *559#.

First Download the App for Android Users and Apply the bellow Settings 

Proxy type: Real Host
Custom Header: X-Online-Host
Proxy Server:
Real Proxy Type: Inject
…. Save…
Now select United States as region or use any other region…
Go to ProNet options and configure using the below settings
Tick connect through an HTTP Proxy...
Also Tick Use following settings…
Host Address:
Port: 8080
 Use your Back button on your Phone then Connect at the main page

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