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What sitemap use for ? How to create a sitemap
for your website? How to drive huge traffic with site map And many more questions
today, I will guide you how to create a
sitemap for your website
First we will learn about the importance of
sitemap and sitemap because I no some don't know what is site map Now
What is a sitemap?
True to its name, Sitemap (diagram of a
website) is a text file that contains all the essential
URL (path) of a website. It can also contain
meta data about each URL, notify you when
it is updated.
The entire work of it as a guide for the
search engine's crawler effective website
and update the changes on your website,
such as adding a new page or change the
current site.
There are two kinds of HTML sitemap a
sitemap and XML sitemap.

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– HTML sitemap is used primarily for the
reader aware of the scheme and their
website can easily search for information.
– The second is XML Sitemap is created
Specialy for the search engines. It tells the
search engines about your site's structure,
content update frequency of pages and
pages more preferred in search results.
You can see examples of righteousness is
our website: HTML sitemap and XML sitemap
The effects of sitemap
A good site map should lead to get any
available position. So put a link to the site
map page or the front page of the site to
the user and the spider of Gooogle can
reach easily.
The effects of the plan is definitely to
navigation and directions.
Besides, the Sitemap can help Google know
the other information on your site such as
– Your content is updated regularly or not.
– On the final edit of the page contents.
– You can set the importance of each
different page.
The importance of sitemap
Our website should have a sitemap because
as we learned in the sitemap is what it can
function as sitemap and very necessary for
your website to achieve a high position in
the search Machine , because the search
system appreciated for websites have a
navigation scheme website. Very effective
for the SE bot of scours in your site for
indexing (index), in favor of SEO strategies.
Important tips when creating site map
– A site map should correspond to the
design of the site. Be derived from
conventional concepts, as is mentioned in
any other similar document, a site map not
bring your website the full assessment of
the level of attraction that even the contrary
can make users nervous.
– Do not use graphic elements while creating
a site map. Recently, most of the users to
surf the Web on an Internet sitein graphic
mode block. For this reason, the appearance
of graphics as navigation elements on your
site map will not be considered to be
helpful, because they will not work for all
users, and the map will not only as an
expression of success for your creativity.
Therefore, the ideal is a site map should look
the same in all browsers when people
access the Web.
– The structure of the scheme should be
correlated with the decentralized system of
the web. Because of the structure of a site
map should be used for headings and lists.
Do not use tables for schema structure
because it makes the process much more
difficult. And Weak
– We should put a link to the site map page
or the front page of the website or in a
similar way so that the user can use easily
when necessary. So that users will not stop
for a second to think about what they
should do, when they do not know anything
more after accessing your website.
How to create a sitemap
There are many software support such as
Gsitemap sitemap, but this article I will guide
you how to make a sitemap directly on the
Internet very effectively and many have used
Preparebr /> – Website active
– Notepad ++ to set parameters for Priority
urls as you down here
– Internet network one little strong for
nearly 500 large sites or over 500 pages.
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