Psiphon Handler Settings For Mtn Free Browsing.

Latest #0.00 Mtn Free Browsing With Psiphon And Simple Server 


Download PSIPHON >> HERE

Launch your psiphon and input the below settings
proxy Type: Real Host
Proxy Server or

Real Proxy Type: Default
Real proxy port: 80
then save on the handler menu click on option then more option  

Now tick connect through an http then check use the following setting and input

Port.: 8080 hit back to the handler homepage and connect.

Simple Server Settings For Mtn Free Browsing

Download Simple Server V4 here

Goto your phone apn settings then create new apn with

Name: BloggerTasks
APN: Proxy: Leave empty
Port: Leave empty

Click set connection mode and chose vpn mode

Click connection settings and set it with below settings

Proxy host: And
Port: 8080

in The Tweak Type Select Host Replacement

Injection host input or

Start your vpn mode simple server and enjoy


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  1. Is the mtn bblited one month also 5gb daily?

  2. Yes Adans I discovered is waste of Money to pay for a monthly because i did this January and in 2 weeks i finished my 5Gig becuse bblited cheats is just about 5GB so whether you spend the 70 naira or 1K all is 5GB

    if you are sure u will not download heavy files but u want to use the data over time then go for iMonth but if u have a file u plan to download over 4 GB just pay 70 naira download it


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