Tech News- Android apps Helps Iranians avoid Morality police checkpoints

Read how Android app helps Iranians avoid morality police checkpoints



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on this article, today we will see how Iranians now overcome road inconsistencies using an Android app which send alerts to co-users . The app was highlighted by + Nima Akbarpour, the presenter of Persian Click (a technology show on BBC's Persian service).
 This is all the fruit of Community mapping
Community mapping applications come in all shapes and sizes. There are apps to help drivers avoid speed traps, maneuver around traffic jams, and find cheap gas. And now there's one that helps people avoid being pulled from their car by the Ershad (Iran's morals police.)
Anonymous developers in Iran recently released an Android app that is intended to help young Iranians share intelligence about Ershad checkpoints. Called "Gershad," <<<< Click here to Download the App the app depends on crowd sourced reports from users to help others avoid being stopped, harassed, or even possibly beaten or arrested for failing to adhere to the Ershad interpretations of Islamic moralit
On their Google Play page, the app developers cite law enforcement statistics from 2014, during which more than 3 million people were stopped and warned by the Ershad, 207,000 people were forced to write statements, and 18,000 were "sent to court." "Why do we have to be humiliated for our most obvious right which is the right to wear what we want?" the developers wrote. "Social media networks and websites are full of footage and photos of innocent women who have been beaten up and dragged on the ground by the Ershad patrol agents."

There may be similar cases in your County. Why not start Developing Android Appa  that Solve problems around you??


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