The A - Z Of Ripping A Dvd With Vlc

Ripping A Dvd With Vlc Doesn't Have To Be Hard. Read These  Tips


Simple Steps

 1. Just load  the DVD you want to rip and start your VLC player and proceed under Media then you should click on Convert / Save 

2. The next Step is to  Open Media where the window will appear then  click on the Disc tab shown bellow 

 Check DVD, ensure  the disc device field points to the optical drive with the dvd, and hit Convert/Save.  Now head over to the  start position by selecting the title and only record a specific chapter on the DVD.  Alternative skip the DVD Menus as you will not be able to use them in the ripped file.

3. Next the Convert screen opens where you will want to select a location for the ripped file.

4. Notice that as you are browsing to the location to put the ripped file make sure to give it a name and a supported extension.  For this example we ripped Lord of the Rings  and gave it a MOV extension.  If you don’t label it with a supported file extension it will default to .ps (Program Stream) file.

 5. When everything is set up the Convert screen will look something like this where we have the source drive and destination file with appropriate extension.

6. While the DVD is being ripped you will see a progress count in the main UI.  The amount of time it takes will depend on the file format and size of the DVD but it will take a while no matter what.

7. You may notice a slowdown of your system as the process takes up a lot of resources.

 8. You should be able to play the converted file with other media players assuming you have the right codec.  

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