9 Easy Steps To Force Mtn BB And Bblited Activation Plan For Unlimited Browsing

Force Mtn Bb And Bblited Activation Plan For Unlimited Browsing Awards: 9 Reasons Why They Don’t Work & What You Can Do About It


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 Having subscription issues? Yes this it the solution MTN are getting out of hand when it come to forcing subscription during system upgrade its often difficult to subscribe or connect for your Unlimited free browsing on mtn. New method to subscribe and activate the MTN Bblited or bblitew plan. For some unknown reasons, the normal BB10 subscription code is not working so people have been finding it difficult to subscribe or renew their blackberry plan on MTN.
How do I  Activate MTN BB 10 Plans

To Activate  any of the BB10 plan, what to do now is
Call Customer Service and use the self service menu .
Though the *216*3*1# is back but learn this tips it could happen again

To activate BBLITED N70 daily plan, just dial the customer care number 180, then after their usual welcome talk, choose your preferred language.

 Then press 6, wait for some few seconds (say 4 secs) before pressing the next number. Press 2, wait for some secs then press 1,wait again then press 3, then press 3 again, finally wait for the voice prompt to give you options to press the corresponding numbers (you can press 3 for bblited).

Then follow the instructions and activate your respective BB 10 plans.


To confirm, just check your balance, once your money has been deducted, you are good to go.

To make the explanation for circumventing the MTN BB10 activation failed wahala easier, just dial 180, then follow the number prompts below:


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