Airtel Free Browsing Using Simpleserver On Android And Pc Like There Is No Tomorrow

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Airtel is also rocking free with cool speed with the use of simpleserver program. 
Today I would brief you guys on how to setup the Airtel tweak on your Android and PC with the use of Simpleserver Program.
 Now we can proceed with the setup, I would first explain the setup for PC users.

How to setup the Simpleserver Program with your Airtel

Step 1: First download the PC tweaksetup zip file Here, then create a New folder on your desktop screen, and extract the files from the Downloaded folder to the created folder.

Unlock code for the zip folder:

Step 2: Download Simpleserver.ini file here, then replace it with the one you moved to the newly created folder.

Open your Simplesever.exe and Minimize.

Now goto your browser tools>>Option>>advance>>Network>>settings>> Then tick on the Manual proxy configuration and then set the proxy address as and port as 8080 then click on the use this proxy server for all protocol box and then save settings.

Make sure your modem is well set with airtel Apn which is If you want to also make use of you IDM for downloading, set it with IP: and port 8080.

You can now save all settings and start surfing the internet.

NB: This tweak don't open few secured internet pages.

How to setup the Tweak on Androids

Step 1: First Download Simpleserver.apk >> here.<<<

Step 2: Then open the app and input the below setup

Proxy host :

proxy port: 80

inject URL:

inject line: press "enter" thrice

set APN to and Port to 8080.

Save and start surfing...

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  1. Is it d same simple server we have b4 bcos d link 4 d android own isn't connecting - its showing error 404

    1. So sorry can you try another browser eg UC Browser

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