Blackberry users Facebook and Whatsapp Blocked see Best Solutions HERE

As Blackberry Users Know, Facebook has officially discontinued its
support for BlackBerry Platforms. This is not to say there us no
hope!! In fact is is a wake up call to Developers to rise to
responsibility and do more.

There is a new Developer Oliver Martinez Has cone out with Face10.
Face10 is an app just life the normal Facebook App on Android which
allows you have very easy access to Facebook.

Apart from Martinez Face10, there is Face5 which is also an amazing
App that is set to help all Blackberry users enjoy Facebook. Above is
a screen Shot about this app and how it works.

Developers are finally working to bring the updated Whatsapp for
Blackberry after it finally get discontinued by Mark Zuckerberg

This app is another look-like
original Facebook app alternative which you
can't underestimate, face10 is made by
group of tech and developers called Nemory
Download Face10 Here,

Or search Face10 on Blackberry App world

but if you know of
any alternative Facebook app apart from
this, kindly use the comment box below.
But if you are a BB10 user you might still be
able to use Facebook for android on your
phone, all you need to do is get the
Facebook for android apk app, side-load the
Facebook apk and install it, just bear in mind
that this method might work for you or it
might not work, but if doesn't work just
download the face10 app.

his is the complete replacement to the Official
Facebook Application we have. This app is built
in Native Cascades - 10x Superior in Features,
Speed, Performance and UI Design.
✔ STICKERS - Send and Receive
✔ View Replies of a Comment
✔ Reply to a Comment
✔ Headless
✔ Hub Integration
✔ Hub Notifications
✔ Download Videos and Photos
✔ Multiple Accounts Support
✔ Customize Color Schemes
✔ Dark / Black Theme
✔ App Security Lock Password
✔ Create Home Screen Shortcuts for easy and
fast access
✔ Share a Video/Photo from Gallery
✔ Update Status, Post/Upload Photos and
✔ Checkin, Share a Link/Post, Respond to
✔ Filter NewsFeeds and Comments, View Page
✔ View Groups, Pages, Events, Family, Mutual
✔ View Friend Requests, Messages, Newsfeed,
Mutual Friends
✔ View Followers, Following, Liked Pages
✔ View Games, FriendLists, Birthdays, Likers
✔ View Books, Visitors Posts, Friends
✔ View Users, Albums, Photos, Videos
✔ View Group Files and Docs, Members
✔ Find Friends, Search for
✔ Send and Accept Friend Requests, Invite
Friends to an Event
✔ View Activity Log, Create an Album
Please visit this page for the solution: http://
✔ All BlackBerry 10 Devices and OS 10.3.0+ are
supported and optimized for #Face10
I am Oliver Martinez, the only (1) man developer
of Face10 for Facebook App. I don't work for
Facebook and neither for BlackBerry. I am not
getting paid by making this app either. I need
your support. Your support is the reason why I
am still here making apps for BlackBerry. I love
this Platform and I'm sure you also do. So
please, if you buy PRO, it would really mean a lot
to me and to all other users. It will help us all
(Face10, Nemory Studios, BlackBerry,
BlackBerry10 OS and YOU) keep going. I hope
you now understand why we charge for PRO
features. Thank you very much!
✔ Unsupported characters in password: # & and
✔ Sticker Bundles and Set Custom Wallpaper
Feature is not included in the PRO
✔ Messenger PRO is not included in Face10
PRO. But a Messenger FREE/LITE version is
available and has all the features you need.
✔ Face10 provides you a 2 day FREE Trial. Don't
panic though. All Facebook Features will still
work. I only charge for my own 3rd Party
Features like themes, etc.

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    1. This was researched for Q10 But since we also know other Blackberry devices need the interface we will keep you constantly posted


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