Airtel BIS 1K For 3GB Plan On Android for Tweaking

I know that some of you have been nurturing this question in your heart right from Adam and today, we will see to it.
It is no longer news that Airtel slashed down their BB complete plan price and since then people have been drooling on the plan.
Unlike other Airtel Blackberry plans that can be used on all other devices, the Airtel BIS plan of 1K for 3GB has been erroneously seen by many as a plan that can also work on all devices, but that is not the case with it, as it can only be used on Blackberry devices.
Since it has been established that Airtel BIS 1K for 3GB works only on BB devices, the main bone of contemplation now is on whether it will work on android device with tweaked BB IMEI.
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We all know by now that Glo Blackberry Complete plan is the only BIS plan that work on android with BB tweaked IMEI, but ever since Glo increased their BB Complete plan price, guys have been seriously looking for alternative, because it is easier to bring out 1K to subscribe than to top up 1K with another 4h.
And even more so, Glo network has been a sort of slow these days.
Now let's go straight to the point; if you have been nurturing the  idea of tweaking your android IMEI to BB with the hope of using Airtel 1GB for 3K BIS plan on it, I tell you solemnly that it's high time you dropped such move and channel your effort somewhere else.
This is simply because even if you tweak your android IMEI to that of BB, the Airtel 1K for 3GB BIS plan will still not work.
Finally and in other words; Airtel BIS 1k for 3GB does not work on android with tweaked BB IMEI, period.
Kelvin Alexander

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