Guest Post Oscar Obiora Can you program design or an idea creator combining computer programming medicine education and agriculture.

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Are you interested!

We are currently scouting for co- founders and partners

Can you program, design or are you an idea creator in the area of
combining computer programming, medicine, education and agriculture.


Can you design web and mobile applications that can make disable
people like the blind, deaf and vision impaired people use


A major education app for autistic patients or for disable people or
people with with defects.


Design a web and mobile application that can connect farmers, teach
rural farmers basic agricultural practices, or also help providing

Please urgently reply personally to me.


Send an email stating your Name, location and skills and area of
specialization and phone number ( example Oscar, Lagos, idea
creation, 08139319159)

Send your details to the email below:

You will be contacted if selected.

You can help rebroadcast to those you think can fit in.

****We need to get to work for there is a big challenge we need to
solve that can both transform your life and the lives of others

You can call or text

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