cheapest mtn data and subscription codes MTN 5MB for just N5

 What is the Cheapest Data mtn can offer for just N5??


I know that some of you will be murmuring now to yourself and asking "What can 5MB do for person?"
In case you don't know, 5MB is a whole lot of MB depending on the angle you are viewing it from and you can achieve a lot with it.
If you doubt, I can even start listing out the numerous things you can achieve with 5MB.
Have you forgotten that you still have Whatsapp on your phone? What about those that still 2go? And the almighty Opera mini is even still there, which is one of the most used browsers down here. So what are you not talking about, that 5MB is small, huh!
In fact the list is endless on what you can achieve with 5MB because I know some of you have many other different chatting platforms on your mobile that 5MB can perfectly serve you on.

If you don't need 5MB, don't think that others too don't need it, because I need it and at least it is helping me out on my small Nokia S60 phone.
For those of you that needs it just the way I do, I will show you the new method of getting the 5MB for just N5 with your MTN line.
Don't forget that you can also get this 5MB for N5 on your Glo line that is for those that Glo network rocks their world.

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Now, to get your 5MB with N5 on MTN, simply migrate to the new MTN Ipulse plan by dialing *406#
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After migrating, dial *406*5# to opt in for the 5MB plan. 5MB will be given to you instantly and N5 will be deducted from your account.
You can always repeat the process to get another 5MB, but you need to opt out first before you can opt in again to get another 5mb.
To opt out, dial *406*4# and the you can now opt in again the way you did above to get another 5MB that day. That is all.
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Kelvin Alexander


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