mtn musicplus data cheat not working see how to fix it and renew

Hello all unique applygist followers
You know we are still blazing music plus cheat, but last night I got
this message

Thank you for your request for Music Plus Weekly Discount Plan at
naira 300.00/week. Reply "YES" to confirm or "NO" to cancel.

I just replied NO and mtn refused to renew my data so I had to reply
Yes and the. sent music to 5900 the. i sent c to 5900
what am trying to let you guys know us that mtn wans to play a very
dirty game with Us. my advice is for those loading any airtime please
make sure you unsubscribe from music plus entirely especially by
calling customer care to remove you entirely. after that you can load
your can and start your usual subscription. If you don't unsubscribe
mtn is going to Remove almost 400 from your account so to be on the
safe side let's be smart too
send stop to 5900 however I still don't trust mtn so call customer
care if you are loading any card above 200 but Stop should work

Thank you and don't forget to keep visiting as we are up and running
to see the internet is absolutely free for you all

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