I know MTN has been on top of their grind blocking most of our
cheats… Musicplus, Mtn 0naira tweak, Magic Sim and a host of others leaving
us with nothing…
Just dropping this one here to help whoever might be in need of it.
Its Musicplus #5 for 30mb. I've been using this for the past 4days now and I'm
using it right now…
Just go to your message and send A to 5900, you'd get a message and #5
would be deducted for 30mb…
When you exhaust the 30mb, nothing to worry about… Just dial *123*5*1# and
follow the prompt to deactivate the subscription… Then you'd get a message
that your subscription had been cancelled…
Go to your message and send A to 5900 again and #5 would be deducted for
Configure your phone
Apn: web.gprs.mtnnigeria. net
Save and set as default setting….
Configure your psiphon
Proxy type: Real Host
Proxy Server:
Click save and tunnel whole device…
Select region: United states
Go to more options
Click on connect through an HTTP
Then click on use the following setting then input in host address
and 8080 in port..
Go back and it would connect automatically… Been renewing it everytime i
exhaust the 30mb. I guess its okay for now till we get our hands on new
Comment if it worked for you. It is working and blazing!!! Tested by Kelvin
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Any problems call me on 07051116826
Kelvin itua

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