OMG Best way to get Unlimited credit using slide Airtime app on all networks

Sliide Airtime App Users Here is a fix to all problems using the Sliide App to get more Airtime 

We are back again, sorry for not dropping new cheats yesterday but i am here to enlighten my peeps about slide Airtime
   Now quick to the story, Slide Airtime is the number one best way to get free airtime every day, so first, yhu download slide Airtime app through this link
After that you follow the settings and configure it using the number in your phone, preferably use mtn.
  After configuration, you will notice you have 11# or less, don't be scared, just click on d icon on d left that would take you to the options, Click On promotion and put OSA252  after that click apply And yhu will have 110# as your balance, now you have gotten enough free airtime, now you work for the remaining
  Still don't be scared i will help you out
Now keep your data on, keep referring people your code and you get 100# instantly for that
To share your code go to that option again click share with friends
Remember your account keep increasing every 10 min if your data is on, so if you are the type that is busy, just keep your data on and the money keeps accumulating
    Now the main part
Cashing out
To get your credit, Click On cash out, select the amount of credit you want and send
You will get a message credit have been transferred to you
Don't believe??
Check the screen shots
Kelvin Alexander
Any problems
Contact me 07051116826

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