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YouTube’s iTalkTech has delivered the verdict on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge’s battery life, putting the smartphone through its paces for his audience.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge arrives rocking a 3,600 mAh battery, and the YouTuber says that he was able to get around 6 hours of screen-on time out of the gadget.
Speaking to his audience about the S7 Edge’s power, iTalkTech said that he was very rigorous with usage during the review period, but was still highly impressed by his findings.
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He said:

“I was constantly checking emails, Twitter, Instagram and web surfing. I even managed to watch a full 2 hour movie on Netflix and kept the always-on display feature running throughout the entire day.”
“I wanted to push this phone and see its true colors. Honestly, the battery life is insane on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.”
Apparently, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge will ‘easily’ last for more than a day and ‘possibly more’ than half of the day after that, all without having to recharge.
 Combined with Samsung’s own battery-saving features, users will be able to squeeze even more out of the handset.
These latest findings from iTalkTech may just do enough to convince those on the fence about picking up the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge for themselves.
If you’ve already picked up the handset, let us know how you’re finding the battery life in the comments section below.

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