Samsung Galaxy S7 Latest Updates

Things you can find On Samsung Galaxy S7

Introducing the Samsung GalaxyS7 and GalaxyS7edge. Rethink what a phone can do.

 1. Sync up your GalaxyTabProS and Galaxy phone to turn your device into an authentication tool. 

 2. The GalaxyS7edge's Quad HD Super AMOLED display produces images so crisp you can almost taste them.

3. Larger camera pixels means brighter, more vibrant images that POP! GalaxyS7edge

4. Durable and dunkable. The new GalaxyS7edge is water resistant.  

5. Defending the galaxy never looked better. The GalaxyS7 & GalaxyS7edge changed the game with VulkanAPI graphics.

With a new CPU and GPU, the GalaxyS7 & GalaxyS7edge run fast without running hot. How cool is that?

7. Don't just capture the scene, capture the action with Motion Panorama. GalaxyS7 GalaxyS7edge


8. The first smartphones designed like human eyes. Dual Pixel pro camera tech means 100% focus. GalaxyS7 GalaxyS7edge

9. Water is kryptonite for most devices but not for the GalaxyS7 & GalaxyS7edge. Isn't that super, man?  

10. 3D Thermoforming melds metal and glass together to look, and feel, great in your hand. GalaxyS7 GalaxyS7edge  

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