The A - Z Of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review

 Use Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge To Make Someone Fall In Love With You for just



Are you Thinking of Buying your Samsung Galaxy S7 you should consuder looking at its specifications.
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has an
  1. excellent camera, 
  2. the beast of a battery, 
  3. the expandable storage or the seductive design that's worth more than the sum of its parts? Yes, and more. 
This phone kicks the already-fantastic (just slightly smaller) Galaxy S7 up a notch with a bigger battery and that wraparound design on both sides that never fails to draw me deeper into whatever I'm viewing or doing. Everything about the 5.5-inch S7 Edge excels from the inside out, and Samsung has refined the extra navigation software that dresses up the screen's physical curves.
There are of course a few minor drawbacks  there's no such thing as a perfect device but something about it feels more organic than your garden-variety phone, more complete.

Samsung has put a lot of effort into making the secondary menu bar more useful: icons get bigger and there are more types of information you can show there, like a shortcut to your favorite apps and tasks. There's a speed dial to your favorite contacts, an optional pane for sports scores and news headlines, even a tool to pull up the flashlight and ruler.
These are handy, just use them sparingly.
Is the Edge worth the higher price compared to the S7? If you have the cash, then yes. For me, the phone's shape is reason enough, like how a car enthusiast might upgrade to a leather interior. The extra cost spreads out if you pay by installments; even if you pay in full, the difference diminishes when you consider you'll probably own this phone for the next two years.


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