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Am back again but I am not here to post cheat rather am here to tell you that you can share your vpn cheat over Hotspot
Do you believe it
I created this cheat and its tested by me
Am using this on my tecno smart phone to my Samsung Galaxy Tab
I have no problems with it
Now lemme cut to the chase
Download *tether unlocker* for rooted fones
On your Hotspot
Open d tether unlocker and click unlock
When it is done it will tell you
Open your  psiphon and connect
On your pc or another android device  connect to the  Hotspot you created,  after connecting, open d same psiphon and input d same settings as in the other phone that you on the Hotspot down
Remember in the more options dont tick anything dere, as in nothing should be ticked
Click on connect, nd wait
If you are using bblite, use the same settings as d one in your phone to the one in your pc or d other android device
After connection wulala you have successfully  shared your vpn cheat to your pc or another android device
Check screen shots for more info
Kelvin itua
07051116826 feel free to contact me if any problems arise

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