Have you heard? Google Play Store Update Will Allow You Try Games Without Installing

Google recently introduced a feature that allows android users in the US stream apps even without installing.
Implying that with the Google stream app, android users can explore certain apps and also make bookings before they can decide on whether to install or not.
In line with such move, Google has again announced a new Play Store feature that will be rolling out in the coming weeks and that will give android users the opportunity to try out Play Store games for 10min without installing.
With this move, users can now decide on which Play Store game to download/install after trying them out.
When you search for games on Google, you will see the game with the "Try Now" button, which when tapped, will allow you play the game for 10min.
This feature known as "Search Trial Run Ads" will be available in Wi-Fi only mode similar to the Google Stream App.

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