Best Etisalat Socialme Settings Stop Disconnection issues

A Ray Of Hope As Etisalat Social Me seems to be the Only Solution from
the massive Browsing Cheats Drought
After applying this settings, you will wave
bye bye to frequent disconnection on your
Etisalat social me.

==> Strong 3g network
==> Zyphon VPN Handler

APN: etisalat
Proxy: leave it empty
Port: leave it empty


Download Zyphon Handler Here==>

Tick "remove port"
Proxy Type: double real host
Proxy Server:
Real Proxy Type: HTTP
Real Proxy Port: 80
Click Save and go to more option by tapping
on the spanner icon
Tick "connect through an http"
Tick "use the following settings"
Host Address:
Port: 3128
Go back to the app menu and connect
I believe this will go a long way to save you
from constant disconnection on etisalat
social me tweak

Lets Talk About this App Zyphon==>
Zyphon is a
new VPN app but not really that new
because it has been in existence for some
few weeks now but not actually known by
many tweakers and phone users.
Zyphon Handler is like Psiphon but you have
more freedom to use advanced proxy servers
of your choice with altering the speed. It is
stable and easy to use with any working free
or cheap browsing tweaks available.
Though, it is developed by ZYBERPH II
developers, the handler menu is from Dzebb
who is widely known in the Internet as VPN
developing wizard.

As expected, the handler
menu have space for entering your preferred
proxy address and proxy port according to
the tweak required.
The settings might be confusing to you at
first sight but as soon as you locate the
handler menu, you will be comfortable with it
as it looks more like your psiphon handler.
The main menu brings a transparent
appearance and the Skype Symbol is used
to open the handler menu. So anytime you
want to set Zyphon, just tap on the symbol
or icon and it will take you straight to there.
To make it more clear for you, i have already
provided my personal screenshot of the
zyphon handler so that you can see how
easy it is.

Download Zyphon Handler Here==>

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