free 70,000 Twitter followers using this trick on Firefox and Chrome Browsere

Have you been Searching the best Trick to get over 70,000 Free
Twitter Followers, Is this Possible? Then follow these Steps
Steps to Follow
1. Open your firefox browser and login to your
twitter account
2. Go to any follower list (those that have
large numbers of followers e.g. lindaikeji)
3. After you've successfully opened the
followers list, press F12 and an interface will
popup below the browser.
4. Look for the word console and click it
5. Download the code in the link below this
post and paste it in the console
Note: if it refuse to paste , type allow
permission as directed by the warning
clear the allow permission and paste the code
After pasting the code, press enter on your
keyboard and it will automatically follow all the
the followers on the exact screen. stroll down
and repeat the step.
It's as simple as that. you can easily get 70,000
thousands of followers using that method
Since twitter is now more secured than ever. it
will be good you follow at most 400 in a day,
and not just do that a time, you can follow 100
in the morning, 200 in the afternoon and
another 100 in evening

This can be done on google chrome using one-
click chrome extension, it works on all chrome
With it you can follow all users on the follower
list. It's also possible to unfollow all those that
refuse to follow you with this google chrome.
Download this extensions in the link below


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