Magic Sim is Back!!!

For the past one week i have been talking about magic sim comeback, Now it finally here but only on Etisalat
This is for the loyal members of .
     I think this is going to be a smile ☺ filled
morning to all internet geeks as I will be
introducing you to etisalat magic
Sim to you guys. First of all
1. Load a recharge card of 100
2. *499*3*2# or send COD to 399 and 100 will be
3. Wait for the confirmation message that your 1
day bis plan is
4. Browse or ping for like 2hrs but don't
download yet.
Remove the
sim and keep it for 48Hrs.
After 48Hrs, insert the sim into your Blackberry
and watch until your EDGE
OR 3G comes up. If it comes up, congrat because
your sim will continue to
Now watch it for a couple of hours if the network
did not disconnect then
you are good to go.
*Why Are We Keeping It For 48Hrs?*
To make sure that the one day plan expire. Once
it expires and you are
still pinging, it means your sim has successfully
been hacked.
*Can I Recharge On The Etisalat Magic Sim?*
No! Don't even try it at all. Because the moment
you recharge on that sim,
Etisalat will deduct your 100 and automatically
reactivate you back to the
plan. Leave the simcard naked without airtime.
But on the Second method, I
recharge and do all manner while my money is
still intact.
*Can It Browse On PC?*
No, it can't browse on Pc for now. I am currently
working on getting the
accurate DNS and IP address to make it work on
Android, Iphone and PC.
If you got any questions, please don't hesitate to
Happy Pinging friends.
So for now only on blackberry
     Will Update you About the procedures to work on Android

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  1. Please can I use it in android

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  2. Can it works with Etisalat social pack sim? If yes will I hv to deactivate it first? Or how?

  3. Please help us to get hw to use it on Android & pc.... Thanks

  4. Can it be activated on Android?

  5. No it can't yet
    When i get d confirm procedures i will drop it.
    Yes deactivate it first

  6. pls update how it will work on android asap.


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