NYSC Batch A 2016 Latest Updates and Camp Requirements

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Tips For Prospective Corp Members

1Once you get your callup letter, please make sure it's printed in
coloured and run multiple photocopies..

2. Take your time to read each and every details in the callup
carefully, please don't glance or scan through it.. Take your time and
read every details in the callup.

3. The DATE OF DEPLOYMENT will determine if you fall in stream 1 or 2.
Since according to NYSC timetable stream 1 are meant to resume camp on
27th of April.. So if you see 27th of April on yours that means you
are stream 1.any other date aside that means your stream 2.. Some
prospective corpers make the mistake of not checking the date on the
callup and run to camp, while some will assume they are stream2 cos
they registered late during registration.. Please note to check your
date of deployment.
4. There are basic instructions in the callup letter, you should
adhere strictly to.. Please do so.
5.CHECK your STATE of Deployment and try to get other fellows or
corpers posted to same state.. Especially if it's a far distance
states like the Norths and rest depending on your location. Make
friends in this group that's posted to same state and you guys can
decide if you will go together.

6.You are free to be in Camp a day to the DATE OF DEPLOYMENT. you can
go to ease the stress that might take place the next day..the soldiers
will let you in.

7.Pack lighter loads please don't pack the whole house especially the
ladies,you ain't going to your husband's house .it's just 3 weeks camp
add one or two casual wears.. No need for pots,stoves,etc

8.Don't Bring in extra khaki into the camp,its against the law . if
the one ur given isn't your size,you can go ammend it at the MAMMY

9.Always don't forget important things like your documents, torch
light, power bank and mosquito net..

10 Please be financially bouyant.. Don't go empty handed depending on
camp free food..

1. Very Important Ones
a. Statement of Result
b. School ID Card
c. Passport photographs (10 pieces)
d. Call-Up Letter (DO NOT laminate it please).

NB: Get 5 photocopies each of items A,B, and D above along with originals...
2. Important Ones ( For your Convenience)
a. Two or three white T-shirts and shorts (You will be given two sets
but may not be enough for you in 3weeks).
b. Two or three pairs of socks and a white rubber tennis shoes or canvass.
c. Bathroom slippers and Dettol
d. A plastic bucket (You can buy it in the camp) and a permanent marker.
e. Sponge and its case, bath-soap and detergent
f. Bedsheet, towel and two pairs of casual wear, (and a mosquitoe net
if you feel like) Just have them for Sundays and Fridays.
g. Waist bag (very very important for housing your phones, ID Cards,
Handkerchief, biros, etc)
h. Small-sized Torchlight/ Rechargeable lamp (small one please)
i. Cooler (not a party cooler please) cup and spoon. Fork is not allowed
j. Ladies could add any other few conveniences. I believe you understand me
k. Mon Money Hold good cash depending on how you spend...
Even if the camp is on your street, go early. If you are posted to a
far state, go the day before the camp opens. They will allow you in.
Going late will make you go through registration stress!!!
It starts at the gate. They dont want u to bring in prohibited items
like iron, knive, heater, fork etc.
The first one is for hostel/ bedspace. Then the paper registrations
proper. Make everything ready. Look out for information pasted on
walls. Follow instructions strictly...

During the registration, you will get your kits - shirts, shorts, etc.
Use the marker to write your State Code Number on them. You will be
given a meal ticket. Misplace it and forget about NYSC food

You will be in the camp for 20 full days. The 21st day is the day you
will leave camp...

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