Security Alert Hackers Targeted Alibaba Customer Accounts Secrets Revealed

The Hidden Mystery Behind Hackers Targeting Alibaba Customer Accounts

For some of Our readers who are regular of  one of the Biggest Online Shopping Site Alibaba, We found this information very helpful
Hackers tried to access over 20 million active accounts on the Taobao shopping site, Chinese state media has said, inputting login details from a stolen database of 99 million, they found nearly 21 million of the usernames were also being used for Taobao accounts.
And, in November 2015, attempts to access those accounts were detected.
Owner Alibaba advised customers to change their passwords, and Chinese police have now made arrests in connection with the attempted hack.
"Alibaba's system was never breached," a spokesman said.

For Nigerians, The Biggest Shopping sites as we all Know is Konga, Jumia, Kaymu, Jiji, and others. Though Hacking in Nigeria hs not gon to an extreame level, We advise all Nigerians to use very strong passwords on there Online Shopping Accounts, Gmail Accounts and Bank accounts. What cyber criminals will usally do is try to access your email which you use for your bank and try to trick you in providing your personal info which they will use online.

If you receive any call from any persons asking for your Bank Details Please be very careful. Banks often will never ask for your password or personal details over the phone. They will ask you to come into the bank, also going to the bank make sure the person attending to you does not take you to one Conner of the lobby and transact any business with you he or she should have an office there. Some may pretend to work in a bank but they are criminals who often don't have an office in that bank Be careful and Be wise report to the Police or any expert when you encounter such persons 

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