Settings for Airtel Bis Plan of 3GB For 1k on Android Devices & PC

Airtel 3GB bis plan of N1,500SEE HOW TO MAKE IT WORK PERFECTLY

First check out this 20 fastes ip and Port to boost your Bellow Settings===> HERE

Applygist Airtel Users use Airtel  to surf on their PC, Android and other devices while Airtel 3GB bis plan of N1,000 rendered useless, because lots of people subscribed to it and they were unable used it on their Smartphones/PC, it was limited to Blackberry device only
I'm glad to inform you that, you can now enjoy this bis plan on your Android device and PC. It is time to save your N500 and use N1000 only to subscribe to 3GB data, instead of using N1,500 to get 3GB, the plan is working better on Android devices, also works for PC and other devices with the aid of tethering.

Unfortunately, it required IMEI tweaking before it can work on your Android device and below are the requirements;
  • Blackberry 10 IMEI
  • Patience in tweaking the IMEI
  • Activation of the 1k Airtel bis plan

Tweaks your Android phone IMEI with the Blackberry 10 IMEI below:
==> 356760051192***

  • Randomly add any three digits to it.
  • Go to this site:
  • Input the above 12 digits, e.g 356760051192
  • Add 3 digits to the already known 12 digits making 15 digits e.g 356760051192001 and validate the IMEI
  • If the random digit you choose is correct, it will display IMEI number is valid. But if the random digit is incorrect, it will display IMEI number is not valid!
  • To Activate the Airtel Bis Plan of 1k
  • Simply dial *431# to activate 3GB for N1,000
  • Check your bundle balance, by dialing *140#
  • Set your internet connection to the normal Airtel APN:

For PC and Other Device Users
Simply activate the plan on your Android device, then you can enjoy it on any other devices via tethering,
This should serve as an alternative to formal Glo 3GB of 1k which was tampered few weeks ago and this Airtel bis plan is ok, it charges normal when browsing.


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