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Federal Ministry of Information and Culture
(FMIC) in conjunction with Aflon Digital
Academy, Kuje, Abuja (AFLON) hereby
announce for the benefit of senior secondary
school students, their principals and proprietors,
a national online essay competition.
THEME : 'Life and living in Nigeria.'
The programme is in part to commemorate the
Children's Day Event for 2016.
In 2016, essays are hereby requested is to be
written about "Life and Living Nigeria" of today:
to also highlight the joys and pains of daily
living and how it affects everyone, especially
children growing up in contemporary Nigeria.
We seek practical illustrations of helplessness
and discouragement all around; inclusive of
stories that show how we are as a society at
home, on the road, at work; even at places of
worship. We also seek feedbacks on personal
experiences or of those of others about
courage to do good, kindness and survival in
spite of all odds.
"Life and Living Nigeria"
Essays could be about the energy of the
electricity situation; in terms of their practical
effects on daily living? How are we coping and
how these issues affecting our lives regarding
the shortfall of promise and the agony of our
unrealized aspirations as a nation. It also could
be about our politics and the ways, means and
processes leading to being elected or selected
to positions of power. It could be about how
political power is being used or otherwise mis-
used to liberate and do good or otherwise?
It could also be about corruption as seen from
the eyes of the youth: practical tips on how
corruption is to be recognized? How does
corruption dictate our attitudes about who we
are and how we relate with others? Above all,
essays could be about the practical and
innovative ideas on effectively combating the
Finally, it could be an essay on how to
overcome, how goodness could be made to
triumph over the very worst of human behaviour
in Nigeria.
Federal Ministry of Information and Culture,
Winners' event will be held to coincide with the
Children's Day Celebration on Friday, May 27,
2016. The proposed prizes are as follows.
1st Prize: NGN500,000.00
2nd Prize: NGN300,000.00
3rd Prize: NGN200,000.00
In addition, recognition would be accorded to
the schools that produced the winners
Saturday, 14 May, 2016
The essay competition is open to all Secondary
School Students in all schools: Public and
Private in Nigeria.
Participants must be not less than 13 or more
than 20 years of age on Saturday, 14 May, 2016
and should currently be in SS1 and SS2 classes.
Participants are to express interest to take part
by registration on our website:
After due registration, each participant will be
given a Unique Registration Number (URN),
which will subsequently be used for all
subsequent transactions.
Registration of prospective participants through
the website is FREE of ANY CHARGE.
Unique Registration Number (URN) is to be
used in all subsequent submission by the
participants. All essays will be blind reviewed,
using the assigned URN only. The essay as
submitted should therefore not contain
references to specific individuals, firms, or
schools, which might reveal the writer's identity
to the reviewer.
Essays must be in English language and should
not be longer than Ten (10)A4 pages (4,000
words, maximum), 1.5 line-spaced.
Each participant can only submit one essay. It
should be submitted to the e-mail address:
Each essay must be accompanied by an
abstract (max. one page). The abstract will be
used by the jury to make a pre-selection.
All essays must be original. No previously
published material will be accepted. Any form
of plagiarism will result in automatic
We recommended that you write your essay in a
word-processing program (check for grammar
and spelling; clarity counts).
All submissions become the absolute property
of FMI/AFLON, and it reserves the right to
publish and/or to make available to the public
the winning essays without recourse to the
The decision of the Panel of Judges is final and
is not subject to an appeal. Regardless, the
very utmost would be done to ensure
transparency and fairness to all stakeholders.
To participate, please register first and obtain a
Unique Registration Number (URN). Click this
register button.
For additional information, all participants are
free to contact the following representatives of
the organizers':
Federal Ministry of Information & Culture, Abuja.
Aflon Digital Academy, Kuje – Abuja.

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