Techno Boom JS Promo

Techno Unleash a very Rewarding Promo for one of her best quality
products TECNOBoomJ8 and you could
winning a fully paid trip to Paris!!
Your journey to Paris is about to begin. To WIN,
please visit

1. Buy at least one TECNO Boom J8 phone
2. Register on Boom Player app
3. Share your favourite song on Boom Player to
Facebook with the hashtag #BoomJ8ParisNG
(for Nigerian participants) or #BoomJ8ParisKE
(for Kenyan participants) or #BoomJ8ParisTZ
(for Tazanian participants)
4. Invite your friends to like your shared song
on Facebook
14 Participants with the highest number of
VALID likes weekly will win Silver or Bronze
2 Participants with the highest number of
VALID likes as at May 9, 2016 wins the Gold
5. Participants with spoofed likes will be
automatically disqualified at our discretion
6. Participants can only win the Silver to
Bronze prizes once
7. Silver or Bronze prize winners still stand a
chance to win the Gold prize
8. Competition runs in Nigeria, Kenya &
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