Best working Settings For Etisalat SocialMe With Fast IP

most people are complaining of very
slow and inactive IP while using the SocialMe
etisalat free browsing cheats. This settings is
tested and confirmed working by me so I have
decided to sharethe cool settings and IP with
You must be on Easycliq.
Dial *244*1# to migrate to

To subscribe for Etisalat socialme plan,
dial *343*6*10# for N300 weekly
or Dial *343*6*11# for N500

APN: etisalat
Proxy server and port: Leave it
Username and password: Leave it blank.


First of all, download Psiphon
pro lite handler.apk here==>

Do The below settings
1.Open the Downloaded Psiphon.
2.Tick "Remove Port"
Proxy Type: Dual Real Host
Real Proxy Type: HTTP
Real proxy server: leave it
Real proxy Port: 80
Now tap on Save

Go to OPTIONS select USA as your location from the menu,
there you will see MORE OPTIONS, tap it, then
tick Connect Through an HTTP

Tick Use The Following
Settings, in Host Address input
this fast IP = and
Port => 3128.
With this IP and port, your Psiphon will hardly disconnect, its fast
in browsing, streaming of
YouTube videos and slightly
slow in downloading.

Then go back, your psiphon will be connected
within 10secs, then start browsing unlimited,
streaming and downloading.

This Works Perfectly No Stories Except if you reading This Post Late

Pls Post comments Let's here your complains

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