Check out 6 Awesome Camera of the Infinix Zero 3 X552

Experience the Awesome Camera of the Infinix Zero 3 X552 

As we all know the Infinix Zero 3 comes with exciting features that helps you capture those important memories in life. It's amazing when you stop for a moment and think about the technology packed inside the Infinix zero 3 X552. It has got PC power, TV quality screens and design which wouldn't look out of place in a modern art gallery.

  Tips on how to maximize the camera feature of your Infinix Zero 3 (Screen shots)
When you go to the camera you have many options to choose from by mere swiping of your fingers across the screen.

This unique option allows you to capture those beautiful moments and images. When you swipe and arrive at the beauty option, focus your device on the object/subject and click the capture button, this gives you amazing picture with great quality. You can also zoom to select your preferred distance. You can set an automatic countdown time that allows you to relax while the device automatically takes your picture.
This feature allows you to have a feel of what it means to be a professional photographer. The tricks, clicks and magic of photography, the Infinix Zero 3 allows you the explore the art of photography with options like contrast, view, length, resolution etc. All these features you can select on the phone professional option.  
This feature allows you to capture that special moment without any filter. Select the normal option and click capture raw, pure, clear , fresh and unedited.
Another quick swipe, select night option and   you can take amazing pictures at night without sweat. Whether you are at a night party with friends or you want to capture that amazing smile in the dark the LED flash and face detection feature makes it easier for you.
The panorama feature allows you to capture your experience in 360degree fashion, especially when you are enjoying a dining experience. Just move the phone towards the directional arrow and choose where you want the panoramic experience to begin from.
6. PIP: 
 This unique feature allows you to take pictures in both directions. So if you want to capture that great moment in-front of you and also take a selfie at once? Simply select the PIP option both the front camera and back camera will be active then capture both moments at once! You can also select different icons to beautify your selfie . 

Taking better selfies with INFINIX ZERO 3
Front LED Flash & Face Beautification
The 5MP front camera features BSI photosensitive components and 1.4um large pixel capabilities for 30% enhanced light intake. Supplementary light automatically activates to provide excellent ambient conditions. Smart beautification technology operates in real time for flawless selfies anywhere, anytime.
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