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What you can do with Easymobile

About Etisalt EasyMobile App

All new easymobile app from etisalat Nigeria. With easymobile, customers can easily manage their etisalat account and services. Easy mobile provides a simpler, easier and faster way of getting things done without the need to remember or dial access codes.

Easymobile offers subscribers access to buy airtime or data, check balances or status, update profile, move from one package to another, opt-in and out of services, get instant live support and lots more. The app is free to use meaning a customer's data plan is not charged when using the app.


Experience the all new easymobile app

simple, easy and faster way of getting things done on your etisalat line. With easymobile, there is no need to remember or dial codes to access services.

Get things done faster

easymobile simplifies your etisalat experience. with just a single tap, you can subscribe to a service or check the status of your line. it is now easier than ever to manage your account.

What you can do with easymobile


with easymobile app, you can check your airtime and data balance, buy data, transfer or gift data, migrate from one package to another, send airtime, recharge your line and other lines, check your number, check your current package, set you & me numbers, opt-in & out of services and get support.

Download & use for free

easymobile is free to download from Apple App store or Android Play store. Your data does not get charged when you use the app.

Promos and special offers at your fingertips

be the first to know when we have price slashes, bonuses, special offers right from within the app.

Instant live support


Need help? got a question? get instant support from our in-app live chat, facebook support, twitter support and even email support all from the app

Frequently Asked Questions


1. ==> does easymobile work on WiFi connection? 
Ans = Yes, it does but some features will be not be available on non etisalat WiFi sources

2. ==> What features will not be available on WiFi? 
Ams = Check balance, send airtime, buy data with airtime, show number, show package, opt out of data plan are features that won’t work on WiFi because they need an etisalat SIM card on device to work
3==> what features can i use on WiFi or other internet sources?
Ans =  Instant chat, buy airtime or data with debit card, find an etisalat store can be used on WiFi connection

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