How to get Mtn free afunYafun 10GB Data Via MTN StartPack For Just N1,000

MTN StartPack is a special tariff plan that allows New MTN customers
enjoy the 500% bonus on any recharge of their choice, e.g. you
recharge N100, you get N600; N200 gives you N1,200; N500 gives you
N3,000; N1,000 gives you N6,000. Full details about it was already
published on this blog few months ago, just click here to view it.

When running test on MTN StartPack, we noticed that after loading
₦100, you can use up to 1GB, and your money will still be intact and
the amazing part, it does not fall into the categories of MTN data
plans that zapping the internet data anyhow.

On this so called MTN StartPack, there are cloak-and-dagger in which
many of you guys haven't dig it up and it is an important thing for
you to know in order to enjoy huge gigabyte internet data with a token
amount of money. This is not cheat or tweak in which you will be
fearing of blocking it, rather it is the simple application of common

With the instruction below which is very simple, you can either get
10GB or 11.5GB worth of data (based on your choice) for just N1000,
but I think you will love that 11.5GB. MTN StartPack is not something
new to us, but many of us are unconcerned about how much "Yafun Yafun
Bonus" you can actually get from it. Let's go straight to the main

To Get Yafun Yafun 10GB or More For Just N1,000
Get a New MTN Sim that is fully registered
No need to migrate to any package, just leave it in the package it came with
Load N100 airtime to it and you'll be given N500 for calling and browsing
Don't use it for calling, Just use it for browsing
Note that you don't need to load the N1,000 at a time. You will use
1GB on each of the N100 Airtime you recharged. N100 x 10 = N1,000 and
1GB x 10 = 10GB! To check your data balance, dial *556# or *559#

The accumulated N1,000 balance will still be there untouched. Use it
to subscribe to an MTN data plan of 1.5GB for 1k (dial *123# to
subscribe) making a total of 11.5GB for just 1k all together. When you
exhausted your 11.5GB, follow the initial steps to get another one.

Simple as that! That is how you'll be doing it for the next 6months.
After 6 months, your StartPack 500% Yafun Yafun Bonus will expire, you
will have to get another new sim and repeat the steps above.

Your 11.5GB works for all devices ranging from Android, iPhone/iPad,
Laptops, Modems, Blackberry, BB10, Windows phone, Symbian/Java phones;
you just name it. If you wish to enjoy this Yafun Yafun Bonus,
consider getting yourself a new MTN sim, register and activate it and
you are automatically on the MTN StartPack tariff plan. Let's hope MTN
still keeps this tariff plan for us

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  1. please is this still working?

  2. 100% Working Try and let me know


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