Meet HP Spectre specification 8gb ram 256 b hdd 13.3″ display full 1080p HD 9hrs battery

Did HP Spectre Beat Apple ? Lets find Out.

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I am A Big fan of HP, I have been using HP PC for quite a long time. Now when i stumbled upon thE HP “Spectre” which is just 10.4 mm thick I was completely blown away.
With the amazing features of this device, am sure lovers of Apple may have a rethink* IT guys around have already been comparing the specs to Dell XPS saying this has beat the one time marketing leading Dell XPS by 3mm.
HP disclosed that the HP Spectre will be running on a “Core i” series chip and the least “may” be core i5 processor, 8gb ram, 256 b hdd, 13.3″ display, full 1080p HD, 9hrs battery. The new perfect PC as describe by HP would not have a light pen or touh screen feature. Do not worry, HP has also promised to give the i7 users their option on this same spectre but may be shelling out a little extra.
HP have also boasted that they have taken care of the machine’s heat as it has been tackled with extra fan slots.  
Buy HP Spectre

Buy HP Spectr

Buy HP Spectr


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