OMG!! XDA member Roots Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

Shocking As XDA Member Roosts Samsung Galaxy 

Its Quite Unbelievable that The race for Roosting of Devices to give Users Full access to Manufacturer rights is Begingn to heat Up.  A XDA member was able to root a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and proudly shared this accomplishment. Senior Member Sunderwear even posted a video on YouTube to show how he was able to root the smartphone.
 Video Link ===>
According to Sunderwear, root is still a bit buggy but most apps that require rooting of device can work. With the help of Root Checker Basic, the developer was able to root the Qualcomm S820 variant of the Galaxy S7 edge. So yeah, it is possible. Don't be surprised if similar rooting processes will be revealed.
VIA: XDA Watch Live On Youtube Bellow 

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