[Guest Post] How To Hack WiFi Password Part 2

Guess most of you enjoyed my first tutorial, If you are new you can click here for our first tutorial. Today's WiFi Hacking Tutorial (P2) will focus on all routers. There are a lot of WiFi hack softwares which 40% are working fine. Some are just to infect your device with Virus. With deep research i discovered another hack tool which you would love.

Introducing WiFi Unlocker 2.0; This app will help review the security of available WiFi networks recover password from other Networks.

By hitting the refresh button in the right hand side corner of the screen, it scans all available WiFi networks in your area. Once the list appears you can select any of the available networks. We advice you select networks you are familiar with in other not to commit crime. This app supports different router/modem models, in other words it can hack different routers/modems.

Download WiFi Unlocker 2.0 Here 

Written by Precious David of Www.preshtech.com

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