MTN Game+ Free 300mb and ProNet Settings to power it

No Time to waste

Go to message and Type GM and send to 2200
Then Type Again JW and Send again to 2200 and you will successfully
get your 300mb. USE the Bellow Settings for Pronet VPN to power it up

ProNet Settings

For the MTN Game+,Lunch your pronet,thick Remove port
Proxy type:Real Host
Real Proxy Type:HTTP
Real proxy port:8080
Then go to more Option
Thick connect through http
Then input this settings
Port 8080
Save and Select USA

Seee Screen Shot

NOTE : If you have used that sim for Game Plus before, It may not work
TO make it work, Call MTN Customer care on 180 Tell Them to Totally
Remove you from GamePlus you no Longer need it .. After you removed,
simply Start As above sms

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