MTN unlimited psiphon

This tweak came up since two days ago although many people are not aware while some are aware. It is called "MYMTN" free browsing. It doesn't require any additional data subscription. It's just like MTN 0.0kb trick but in this case what you need to do is just send SMS MYMTN to 5018

After that, you will get a reply like this below

"Hi check out mymtn on your Android phone.
Download it from"

Use this APN



To Tweak it on Psiphon or Syphonshield,
copy the link from the SMS received and use it like this while setting Psiphon Pro Lite Handler

Proxy Type: Real Host

Proxy Server:

Real Proxy type: default

Real Proxy Server:80

Then save and select USA as your region. Don't think connect through HTTP proxy from advanced option. Go back and connect.

Kelvin Alexander

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